Focus faster and get more done

Block distracting apps on your phone, protect your time, and stay focused to reach your goals.

What’s the true cost of your screen time?


average American daily screen time


lose focus & get distracted by their phone


of high-screen media users increase the odds of depression


of higher social media users are more likely to experience ADHD symptoms

App restriction

Take control with sessions

Select the difficulty of your session block. "Normal mode" allows you to snooze or cancel the session, and "Hard mode" prevents you from snoozing or ending the session, so the apps stay blocked until your session ends.

Enjoy unlimited detox session modes

Create your own personalized focus sessions

Customize days & hours for each blocked app group

Focus time

Stay distraction-free

Set up screen time rules that work for YOU and stay motivated to stick with them long-term. Fully concentrate and reach your goals 3.5x times faster.

Replace doom-scrolling with personal growth

Increase productivity

Boost your mental health

Track progress

Get things done

Track your focus level daily, see how much time you’ve saved already with a personalized progress report every week, and get inspired to keep your mind on track.

Improve motivation

Lower time spent on social media

Become the best version of yourself

We’re here to empower change – and it’s working

This can be you – check what 78,532+ happy time-savers say about DopaFast around the world.

I’ve been testing out a few screen time apps, but only DopaFast helped me get rid of mindless scrolling. My screen time has dropped by half and I finally spend more quality time with my family.

New York, NYC

John O.

I used to be so distracted, I couldn’t concentrate on work for more than 5 mins without checking my phone. Since I’ve limited all my soc media apps with DopaFast, I can now focus on what’s actually important.

Margaret J.

Austin, TX

Never knew how much time I was wasting until I started using this app. Now I still take tiny screen time breaks to check messages from my kids, but I really feel in control of my time.

Amy L.

San Francisco, CA

1,500+ reviews

Join 78k+ people using DopaFast

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Different detox modes

Block social media apps when you need to focus OR protect your precious time from work distractions.

Easy access with Focus Filters

Restrict your screen time apps in all default Focus modes on your iPhone (Do Not Disturb, Sleep, etc.)

Stay on top of your Focus Score

Track your daily focus level and aim for the highest Focus Score, which reflects time spent NOT looking at your phone screen, based on the 16 waking hours daily.

DopaFast benefits are covered in

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